TRAINING LIBRARY Session 2 Content and Links

Wage & Hour: Payroll Basics

 Exempt vs. Non-Exempt/Overtime

  1. Exempt employees, such as some managers, are not entitled to overtime
  2. Non-exempt employees are entitled to overtime and breaks
  3. Must consistently treat employees as exempt or non-exempt
  4. Non-exempt employees - Must pay overtime (1.5 x regular rate of pay) for hours over 40 in workweek (some states require daily overtime over a certain number of hours per day)
  5. Safest to categorize only General Managers and above as exempt from overtime

Non-Exempt Employee Payment Guidelines

  1. Pay at least minimum wage (varies according to federal, state and local laws)
  2. Pay overtime - 1.5 X regular rate of pay for over 40 hours in a workweek (and over 8 hours/day in some states)
  3. Keep proper time-keeping and payroll records

Wage & Hour Laws  

  1. Federal, state and local laws may vary
  2. Law most favorable to employees will apply

Relevant Resources:

USDOL Fact Sheets:


State Law Resources:

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