TRAINING LIBRARY Session 1 Content and Links

  1. Employees who have the authority to hire, fire, discipline and pay should take this training:
    1. Operators
    2. Directors of Operations
    3. HR Department
    4. Area Supervisors
    5. General Managers 

  2. Reporting claims to EPLI carrier – when in doubt, report
    1. State agency/EEOC charges
    2. Lawsuits
    3. Demand letters/emails
    4. Employee/customer accusations of discrimination
  3. Calling Helpline – 1-877-376-4100
    1. Possible issues
      • Discipline/terminations
      • Harassment complaints – moving quickly is key
      • Discrimination complaints
      • Leaves of absence
      • Accommodations of disabilities
      • Questions about federal, state and local laws
      • Wage & hour questions
      • Labor/union issues
      • Whether to report a claim
      • Responding to a former employee’s attorney
      • Responding to former employee’s request for personnel file
      • Employee handbooks/policy issues
      • Any other employment issues

    2. Who makes the calls? Operators decide who calls.
      • Operators
      • Directors of Operations
      • HR Department
      • Area Supervisors
      • General Managers

    3. Value of Helpline
      • Seasoned employment attorneys respond to every call
      • Unlimited calls and no time limit
      • 50% reduction of deductible if you receive Helpline advice on handling an employee’s termination, etc., and that employee sues anyway
      • Assistance in drafting disciplinary/termination memos
EPRMA Training Helpful Hints

We recommend beginning your training by viewing the mandatory “Welcome to EPRMA Training” and then sequentially taking Session 1 through Session 6 The session content is best learned in this manner.

Training Center

This is your main training session menu and progress-tracking page. You can check your completions status at any time throughout your online training experience. You will also be able to check your overall course progress to assess time and sessions remaining.

Session Start Page

On each selected session, you will see a brief outline of the session content to the left and see a video poster frame on the right to get you going with an overview video. Also, please note that from this start page you can also “Replay Video,” “Go to Training Questions” only after viewing video and/or “Go to Next Session” if you want to view all videos before taking on the session questions.

Session Questions

All session question pages lead with a topic question and offer 3-4 answers and you can only advance to the next question by selecting a “Correct” answer. When you get to the final question of the session, you will see a white button that says “Session Completed.” Upon selection of the final “Correct” answer, you will see a green button that says “Session Completed >”. Click this button and you will see a 100% bar on this Session in the Training Center.

Full Course Completion

When your overall progress bar shows 80% or higher, you are one session away from successfully completing the full EPRMA Training Course. On your final session, when you get to the final question, you will see a white button that says “Course Completed” when you are on the final question. Upon selection of the “Correct” answer, you will be automatically delivered to the final “ Completion Form” page where you will verify a few questions and complete the full EPRMA Training Course. Your successful completion will generate a confirmation email.