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Wage and Hour: Deductions and Minors

  1. Deductions should not be made for items that primarily benefit employer
    1. Uniforms
    2. Cash drawer shortages
    3. Equipment damage
    4. Damage to employer’s vehicle

  2. Employer need not pay for non-slip shoes (not part of uniform since employee may select different brands) 

  3. Employer need not pay for plain black pants (not part of uniform since employee may select different brands) 

  4. Employer should pay for logo uniform shirts (unique and part of uniform)
    1. Employer should not deduct for uniforms
    2. Employer may also need to pay for cleaning uniforms

  5. No deductions for cash drawer shortages (this is a discipline, not a pay, issue)
  6. What are the issues with all these deductions?
    1. Cannot go below minimum wage when including these deductions
      • If employee is already at, or close to, minimum wage, these deductions may reduce his/her wages below minimum wage, which is illegal
    2. Many state laws strictly prohibit/limit these deductions anyway

Relevant Resources:

USDOL Fact Sheets:   

 State Law Resources:

Employment of Minors

Federal law requirements (state laws may vary)

  1. 14 – 15 year olds
    1. Hours worked
      • 3 hours max on school days, including Friday
      • 8 hours max on non-school days
      • Must work between 7am and 7pm (except from June 1 to Labor Day, when hours are extended to 9pm)
      • Cap on weekly hours – 18 when school in session and 40 when school not in session
    2. Limits on work duties
      • No open flame cooking, but may use electric or gas grills without open flames
      • No baking
      • May use deep fryer vats but only if they have auto lowering and raising devices
      • No work in freezer except to momentarily retrieve items
  1. 16 – 17 year olds
    1. No limits on hours
    2. 16-year olds may not drive on the job
    3. 17-year olds may drive but with limitations
    4. 16-17 year olds cannot perform “hazardous” work, such as working with power-driven bakery machines & trash compactors

Relevant Resources:

USDOL Fact Sheets:

State Law Resources:

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